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Visit a Pear Farm (+ Farro Pear Salad with Ginger-Sesame Dressing)

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One of the greatest disconnects in food today is that of where our food comes from. Sure, it’s becoming more prominent to know your farmers thanks to CSAs and Farmers’ markets but what about the produce you buy at your local grocery store? A sizable amount is coming from California and usually has a good family story behind it. Pears are the perfect example. There are currently around 60 multigenerational family farms growing pears in Northern California.

The Delta is one of my favorite spots within 30 minutes of Sacramento. Once you get past city limits, you end up surrounded by vineyards and orchards. A place that almost feels a bit frozen in time but is amazingly alive with fresh produce (and some good wineries). I had the opportunity to tour one of the family farms/packing plants in the Delta region, seeing exactly where all those California pears are grown and harvested.

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