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“Simplify Your Life” Courtney Carver will talk about why and how on Thursday

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Before you read this, look around you. Whether you’re at home or in your office, let your eyes rest on there aresimplify your life things that you can get rid of and never miss. In the next few days, make a mental note of things in your life that you consider “clutter.”  Don’t find any? Look again. Why? Because we’re going to talk about being more and having less. Our guest for Thursday’s show states, “Be more with less” is about how to simplify your life and really living. Living with less creates time and space to discover what really matters. Through decluttering, and focusing on the best things instead of all the things, you can create a life with more savings and no debt, more health and less stress, more space and less stuff, and more joy with less obligation.” Don’t we all want more savings, more health, more space and more joy? Come hear what Courtney Carver has to say before you start the new year.


About Courtney Carver

Courtney Carver changed her life by simplifying it after a devastating diagnosis in 2006. She’s the founder of bemorewithless.com and minimalist fashion challenge Project 333. Her new book “Soulful-Simplicity: How Living With Less Can Lead to So Much More” was just released by Tarcher/Perigee, a division of Penguin Random House. Carver shows us the power of simplicity. It can improve our health, build more meaningful relationships, and relieve stress in our professional and personal lives.

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