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Sesame Green Beans with Quinoa and Eggs

Sesame Green Beans with Quinoa and Eggs | Naturally Ella

Here it is, my last full on summer recipe. My kitchen is starting the transition to fall and thus, so is the site. One of the beautiful things about living in the California valley is that summer produce continues on for some time (we’re still knee-deep in tomatoes). Yet, the weather is definitely feeling more like fall; cool nights and crisp air.

I’ve still been inspired by summer produce which means I have one last summer recipe to share. It features one of my favorite components: sesame green beans. I first started cooking these green beans to use in spring rolls. That spilled over into stir-fries and eventually grain bowls. This quinoa dish is easy and fast, especially if you make the green beans ahead of time. Plus it’s perfect to eat for breakfast or a light lunch!

Read more and see the recipe.

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