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Root Vegetable Cassoulet

Whenever I make a vegetarian version of a meat-based staple, I’m hesitant to use the same name. They aren’t the same thing and really shouldn’t be compared. However, the idea and inspiration shine through, especially in the recipe. This root vegetable cassoulet is stewed and hearty, echoing it’s meat counterpart. In place of the meat, [...]

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Garlicky Kale Pizza with Eggs

Post in partnership with Muir Glen Organic. See below for more details. Every week, like clockwork, we have pizza on Thursday nights. It’s the perfect way to spring us into one last day before the weekend. I love making sauce from fresh tomatoes. But when they’re not available, I keep this tomato sauce recipe handy. [...]

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Telling Yourself The Story

It all depends on how long you keep telling yourself the story that is feeding your anger. Your emotional reaction, your anger, it is a result of your conditioning. By nature, it only lasts a few moments. But if you feed the reaction, through your thoughts, it keeps going. And growing. What was once an momentary emotion grows Read More

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