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Standing For Accountability

It seems we are being challenged at this very moment to stand for what we know is true and right. Whether we are being called to empower ourselves as we face political bullies, companies that abuse their power, and/or other entities that prey on our natural weaknesses, this is a time of great transformation and opportunity. It is Read More

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Dried Apricot Soup with Emmer

Cooking brings us together via recipes passed down through generations and different cultures. The act of cooking and sharing a meal can unite us, even in a virtual sense. That is, essentially, why this site exists. It’s a way to learn and understand through something we do every day. I’ve been struggling to stay connected [...]

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Flotation Tanks: Should You Give One a Try?

photo: wikipedia By Crabby McSlacker So recently I spent an hour in a flotation tank. Or, as they’re also known, an isolation tank, or sensory deprivation tank. Given the current state of the world, we could all use some sort of complete break from reality, right? Or hell, if I …

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My Incredible Journey for 2017

So this is the beginning of the New Year and I am on a quest to become the best that I can be.   Finding a place to begin was the hardest part of my incredible journey for 2017.  I began with The Complete Master Key System.  I studied it last …

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Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Dear Reader, As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been quiet for all of January. While I certainly feel like hibernating (since there is little to no sun in Toronto right now), the real reason I’ve been quiet is because my site has been down due to a hacked website on the server I share through Read More

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Chili Lentils over Sweet Potatoes

There’s a small sandwich shop in my hometown that is a staple. The food isn’t anything special but the tradition around the restaurant is there. Half the menu consists of loaded potatoes smothered with meats, nacho cheese, steamed vegetables, and of course, chili. I’ve made chili loaded fries before but these chili lentils are a [...]

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Extremely Brief Q & A

image: flickr By Crabby McSlacker Q:  There has been no blog post at Cranky Fitness this week, does this mean Crabby has wandered away again?  A: No! There will be a new post on Monday. Crabby is just slow that way. Q: Why is this even a post? Does Crabby …

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