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A Time for Compassion

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Compassion is not limited to disaster sites although our hearts are certainly touched and opened by what we see happening. If we can give money or goods, we should. If we can go and have expertise to offer, then we ought to. But if we have given and are down to the bottom of what we can share and if we don't have skills that are needed right now, then what?

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How to Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Self-improvement impacts all aspects of life.  We all aspire to be healthy, wealthy and wise to some degree.  We should have a goal to create as much of a balance as possible between the three attributes.  If there is no balance, the imbalance may affect the weak link. To be …

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Wishing You A Joyful Holidays

Hello dear reader, I realize I don’t often address you directly, do I? That feels funny since you are such a gift to me. <3 Most of the time, I write these words because I am experiencing something in my own life and I need my words, and playing with them, to feel into the experience. I find Read More

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It’s a risk. I’m afraid. What will you think of me? What will I think of me? If I tell my hidden truth? I feel so ashamed. How could I show you that? I can not take the chance of showing my true face to you. The idea of bearing it is terrifying. In fact, it is more Read More

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