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Root Vegetable Pot Pie

I have a weakness for pot pies. There’s a memory that I can still picture, sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen, smell of the pot pie in the oven. It’s comforting to me and one of the reasons I love making pot pies. This root vegetable version has quite a few ingredients but is primarily just [...]

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Enchilada Skillet with Eggs

Post in partnership with Muir Glen Organic. See below for more details. I love breakfast, but sometimes I get stuck in ruts. Breakfast is a low key event and my family is okay with that. As a result, we make oatmeal every weekday and most weekend mornings. When oatmeal won’t do the trick, it’s scrambled [...]

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The People Who Don’t Get It

We see people and things not as they are, but as we are. How aware we are informs what we see—and how we see it. Ubuntu – I am because you are. People who don’t seem to get it are seemingly everywhere. We find them in our families, at work, and in all areas of our public and Read More

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Whose Label are you wearing?

The Self Improvement Blog

We wear labels on ourselves like labels on garments, and these labels tend to reflect our self-image and determine our self-esteem. Where do these labels come from? They may originate from remarks made about or to us and actions toward us by others from childhood until now. But we are always the one who sews them on. We put them on by how often we think of them and/or the emotion we attach to them.

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Root Vegetable Cassoulet

Whenever I make a vegetarian version of a meat-based staple, I’m hesitant to use the same name. They aren’t the same thing and really shouldn’t be compared. However, the idea and inspiration shine through, especially in the recipe. This root vegetable cassoulet is stewed and hearty, echoing it’s meat counterpart. In place of the meat, [...]

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