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Pecan Tomatillo Soup

Hang tight with me on this recipe. This is one of those recipes that I push flavors just slightly and it won’t be for everyone. I love tomatillos. They have a punchy, tart flavor that I’ve tried to balance with the sweet, warm flavor of pecans. I really love making nut and seed creams for [...]

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Analyzing The Top Self-Improvement Tools For Modern Consumers

At this point in time, you may believe that you’re doing pretty well for yourself. This might be true. Nevertheless, you need to realize that there are still ways to improve. In fact, it is always possible to make progress one way or another. Modern consumers have it much easier than people did ten or […]

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Romesco Toast with Fried Egg

For years, my breakfast routine consisted of two items: coffee and oatmeal. I ate oatmeal nearly every day and after time, I became bored. I like routine but I also crave a bit of change. I found my cravings tended towards savory. And so, toast became my norm. This romesco toast is about as close [...]

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High Tech Tuesday!

Photo download via xray delta one By Crabby McSlacker Should we be worried about the impact of so much easily accessible technology on our fragile human brains? There is much hand-wringing on the subject, and even a little research out there.  Are portable machines turning our minds into mush, screwing with …

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