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Keeping Healthy New Year’s Resolutions: Five Tips!

image found here, where you can actually purchase them. By Crabby McSlackerOkay, first some reassurance: that’s a visual pun up there, not a how-to photo. I’m not suggesting you sever any fingertips in order to make your New Year’s resolutions easier to keep. Although come to think of it, I’d reach …

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A Guide to Vegetarian Cooking

I receive quite a few emails questioning how one dives into the world of eating vegetarian. It can seem a bit foreign, especially if you grew up like I did in a very meat-for-almost-every-meal lifestyle. This is why Naturally Ella is here. My goal for this past year was to build an arsenal of resources [...]

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Sweet Potato Barley Stew

Post sponsored by Crock-Pot® Brand/Mirum Shopper. See below for more details. While I hate the idea of ‘resolutions’, the start of the new year is a good time to start change, no matter how small. This change can come with cooking at least one dinner a week, adding more vegetables to your meals, or experimenting [...]

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