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Cilantro Sweet Potato Tostadas

Ever since having a child, I’ve noticed small changes in the way I cook. For the most part, Mack eats everything that we do (sans most salt). He polished off these chili lentils, this barley risotto, and even this lentil pilaf (much to my surprise). The small changes come in individual items, like mashed sweet [...]

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Tandoori Cauliflower Wrap

Post sponsored by Flatout Flatbread. See below for more details. I’ve not been shy about how important I feel vegetarian cooking and spice go together. While I love a simple roasted vegetable tossed with olive oil and salt, there’s also something to be said for a vegetable that is heavily spiced. This tandoori cauliflower is [...]

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A Review: Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice

After Napoleon Hill’s death, his foundation contacted Dennis Kimbro to complete an unfinished manuscript, Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice.  Kimbro took the book to the next level. Within the book, Kimbro showcases the events of successful people who had to face many challenges to personify the message he …

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