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Resistance Training: Some Helpful Resources

image: pixabay By Crabby McSlacker So yeah, wary Cranky Fitness readers may be wondering, which kind of “resistance” are we talking about here? The kind that has you flexing your quads and glutes and lats and pecs? Or the kind that has you gathering in the streets and haranguing politicians …

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30 Minute Vegetarian Dinners

30 minute vegetarian dinners are my core meals. With a toddler running around, I don’t have a lot of time to relax in the kitchen in the evening. I’m fairly certain ‘relax’ and ‘toddler’ are two words that don’t go together. I’m usually waiting for M to get home and then running to the kitchen [...]

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Turmeric Sweet Potato Soup

There are spices in my cupboard that I buy monthly while others hang around, waiting to be used more. Turmeric is the main spice in this recipe but the real flavor, and what I think makes the soup, is coriander. I love coriander because it adds a beautiful citrus undertone that compliments the lemon. And [...]

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