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Is Procrastination Helpful?



Many of us look at procrastination as an undesirable trait.  In some cases maybe but when trying to diet or break a habit, procrastination may be helpful.

Patrick Porter in his book Thrive in Overdrive outlines Four Steps to Becoming a Master Procrastinator, and all the other symptoms of a Master Procrastinator:

4 Steps of a Master Procrastinator

  1. Target the task that you wish to achieve.  That task can be anything!
  2. I’ve got to start (You can fill in the blank.)
  3. I need to (You can also fill in the blank here)
  4. Now delay the task.

Self-Talk of a Master Procrastinator

  • The task it too complicated.
  • I need additional information
  • I need training
  • You become finding fault with yourself
  • I should have started the project sooner.  Now it is too late
  • I will never be able to finish on-time

Excuses of a Master Procrastinator

  • It will have to do
  • It probably was not meant to be

Next, the self-criticism begins:

What is wrong with me
I am no good at taking action
I will never do this again

The downward turn produces:
Negative feeling about not doing or delaying the task
Not making a change for the better
Taking too long to finish the task

Is procrastination helpful?

The benefit of being a master procrastinator:

Before you beat yourself up for being a master procrastinator, this will work if you are on a diet and are delaying that last slice of pudding cake or Boston cream pie or if you are a smoker and was delaying that cigarette after a meal.  I am sure in either case; there would be a positive feeling about the delay.

Something to think about
For most of us, procrastination is a trait that we would like to discard.  Why?  Because of procrastination usually a way of delaying an unpleasant task.  In most cases, we strive to do the unpleasant task and get it done as quickly as possible.

Patrick Porter writes that when we begin a project or program, we begin it with the motivation and enthusiasm needed to make a program successful.  However, by the day, the interest fades and is replaced my procrastination.

Charles Haanel writes in his book Master Key that when we make a promise to ourselves to complete and project and we fail to keep the commitment, we are lying to ourselves and that can be dangerous to us psychologically.

With more losses than benefits to procrastination, it may help us to continue the enthusiasm through the entire process and end the guilt and harm associated with it.


Usually, we use procrastination as a means of self-sabotage.  When losing the motivation of a project an unpleasant task, we will find a reason for the delay.

Sometimes it is an attempt to change something in our life.  It causes stress and depression along with mental paralysis.  Practiced long enough this can certainly cause harm to our business and personal relationships.

Universal Laws can help

If you subscribe to the Universal Laws, because we are beings of energy, the Universal Laws may help in reversing the habit of procrastination and can be the release of stress and ailments associated with it.  By providing the help that we need and thus allowing us to continue the energy and motivations needed, our tasks will be completed on schedule.

-The Law of Acceptance:
Allows you to bring in help where needed.  Only a very few of us can do everything successfully.   The rest of us have to rely on the Law of Acceptance to bring someone into our lives to help.  Without understanding this law, it may be difficult to accept the assistance of someone who is there to help, but when we do it, can make a difference in our lives.

-The Law of Attraction
We all know or have heard of this law.  The Law of Attraction provides what you need; whether it is the right seminars, the people, the right program, etc. If we are lucky, this law can get you to the next level business or in life.

-Law of Cause and Effect
The Law of Cause and effect can either be negative or positive.  It is up to you to use it for the best results.  It takes hard work to accomplish the needed tasks; however, it pays off in the end.  The best way to explain this law is, “you reap what you sow.”

-The Law of Forgiveness
Buddha said, “He who angers you conquers you.”  To rid yourself of the freedom to function, it is necessary to forgive.  Without forgiveness, you are never free to realize the effects of the other laws.  The body responds with chemicals that create health, harmony, and vitality to us.

The Law of Abundance
Learning to use the Law of Abundance will help in giving you all that you want in life.
**Beverly Nadler uses what is called Vibrational Harmony.  She was a student of Hermetic Philosophy, a variety of spiritual teachings, quantum physics, and modern phycology.  She studied and used the Law of Abundance as an important part of her life, including to run her business.

The Law of Abundance can also act as a blessing or a curse.  It all depends on your desires.  Our minds translate our needs by our focus.  If our mind focuses on abundance as having the ability to enjoy life; if you focus on lack and limitation, guess what?  Lack and limitation are what you will receive.   Attaining life and business prosperity should be our goal.

The Law of Non-Attachment
The saying in my church is, “Let go, let God.” In other words, having the ability to know when to let someone else take control of a project to get the result you seek.  Many times, we need help get us to the next level.  That is when the Law of Non-Attachment appears.

You see, this process is all about working in harmony with the laws of the universe to the achieve success we desire in our lives.

Procrastination can be a sign that a change is needed

Procrastination is a sign that we are missing something in our lives.  I have a friend who had a great job.  She worked for the company for thirty years and then retired.  She never really cared for the job, but she still excelled.  The problem was that for every day of her work life she was late – in other words, she was late for thirty years at this job.

After thirty years, she retired.  After her retirement, she slept all day, would be awake all night, suffered all sorts of illnesses, although none were life-threatening.  She was unhappy and swore that her procrastination was an illness.

After several months, she decided to get a job and began working in a restaurant that was open for 24 hours. After working for many years in a well-paying position, she was a little embarrassed at first to have an entry level job.  However, after working there for several months, she began to love the hours, the customers and the environment.  I asked her how she felt about her new job.  She reportedly enjoyed it and has not been late for work since.

Sadly, she had been working in the wrong field for most of here life.  Unfortunately, after graduating from college, she never considered doing anything outside of her degree.

Never getting too personal, I never knew how the Universal Laws could be applied correctly in her life. However, I firmly believe (from a non-professional point of view) that self-sabotage was certainly at play.


Dr. Porter uses Creative Realization, light, and sound as part of this theory and claims to have favorable results with procrastination and other stressful habits cause stress.  He also teaches relaxation and how to pay attention to, and use the Universal Laws.   In his book, Thrive in Overdrive, Dr. Porter provides “Thought Experiments” or affirmation exercises after each of his lessons.

Besides procrastination, Thrive in Overdrive addresses any type of problem or concern that is stressful.

This book is worth reading, just to see all that it has to offer.  It takes the reading from stress to relaxation in less than 300 pages.  It is a pretty interesting read that outlines the sympton and stresses of procrastination and will help you seek a solution.

-DI Hicks



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