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How to Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Self-improvement impacts all aspects of life.  We all aspire to be healthy, wealthy and wise to some degree.  We should have a goal to create as much of a balance as possible between the three attributes.  If there is no balance, the imbalance may affect the weak link.

To be healthy, wealthy and not wise may encourage poor decisions.  A person who is not healthy, but have an abundance of money and intellect may not have a positive disposition.  In both cases, the imbalance can very easily cause depression.

Through self-improvement, we learn how to bring our system into the balance we need to maintain a healthy well-being which will bring about confidence and achievement.

Improved health could mean eating healthy foods or exercising with frequency.  The goal of improved health is an individual process.

Unless wealth is not a concern, to achieve it may mean assess skills to develop a business, or discover ways to make extra money.  We hear stories every day of how people improve their income.

I am using this word broadly to cover all forms of intellectual  power both intuitive and learned.  Gaining wisdom may mean learning something new, or learning about oneself.

To reach the intended goal takes a system of goal setting.  Using the SMART technique, there are five steps to consider:
1.   Specific –  Goals must be as precise as possible.  The better the description, the better chance of success.
2.  Measurable – The progress must be measured.  Breaking the objectives into small amounts make it easier to document, record, and stay focused.
3.   Attainable – Is the goal realistic?  Examine all possibilities of goal achievement.
4.  Timely – When will the project end? All projects must have a beginning and an end or else the project will go on forever.

Whether the goal is to improve health, wealth or wisdom, following the SMART technique will garner goal achievement and success.

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