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Garlicky Goat Cheese Toast with Arugula

Garlicky Goat Cheese Toast with Arugula | Naturally Ella

One of my goals is to share more minimal, 1 to 2 person recipes. These are the recipes that I throw together on a whim and usually don’t post because they feel too simple. And yet, I think this is what people need more of in their kitchen. Recipes that are ready in 20, full of flavor, and still feature beautiful produce.

Cheese toast is usually an easy go-to when I’m in this mentality. Fry or poach an egg, combine with a bit of produce, and you have a meal. The extra special part of this is the garlicky goat cheese. I love roasted garlic but don’t always have time to make it. Toasting the garlic in a small bit of oil helps get a flavor similar to the roasted garlic in a fraction of the time.

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