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Become a Wealthy Affiliate

Although many people have been successful online, most of them have had the benefit of a mentor who was willing to help them learn and grow into the profession of online sales.

That being stated, most of the training programs that advertise to the general public will only teach one part of online marketing and will leave have the student figure out the rest of the process.

If you have a product  to sell, you still have to learn how to promote it and if you are an affiliate, you have to find a niche, a product, and a vendor.  It may sound easy, it is a path that can very easily lead down the road to frustration and defeat!

Becoming a wealthy affiliate takes time, training, and knowledge to form a strategy for success.  Once learned though the benefit of the experience is sweet. However finding the right program or training is enough to make you cry!

What is an affiliate marketer

As a third party, affiliate sales are generated through websites, social media and emails.  An affiliate marketer sells products developed by another person or company.  For instance:  It could mean joining an affiliate program at Amazon.com.

The difference between an individual (or organization) who sells product and an affiliate is that the affiliate is a third party who is paid after the order has been sent to the original party for the sale.  The seller (or the agent) then pays the affiliate for marketing the product.

For most marketing affiliate products is just the beginning of online sales.  Once learned the online seller or marketer has ability to market their own products.  Many have mastered the process of selling eBooks effectively.

My quest for 2017

In my quest to be a better affiliate marketer, learning more about this profession will fit perfectly into my 2017 goal!  Please join me on my quest as well, and you will be amazed at what you will learn!



Wealthy Affiliate University is a service owned and run by two people, Carson and Kyle .  They met while in school (more than twelve years ago now ) and decided to create a learning platform to teach internet marketing.

Kyle and his family
Carson and his family

They keep the platform current by constantly updated and creating new information and training constantly.  Through tutorials, videos, and the interactive online  community Kyle and Carson have helped many people become successful in the online marketing field.

The platform consists of teaching people about using the internet to advertise and market products or services online.   The model is easy to understand:

  • tutorials
  •  live video training
  •  Teaching through
    instruction and community interaction

In addition to teaching all that there is to know about current internet marketing and advertising (practices), unlike many other services, tools are provided as part of a complete member experience –  A niche and training is provided for those who would like to learn internet marketing but have no product to sell.

Other learning systems

Although other online programs advertise a total experience to make money online, once you are in their system, they may teach you how to promote a product, but to earn money outsourcing is usually required

All inclusive program at Wealthy Affiliate

The fact that this service has comprehensive training and is inclusive is what makes it different from many other organizations.

Through the tutorials the instructors at WA skillfully explain:

  • How to build a website in under 30 seconds
  • How to use Google Analytics
  • About keywords and how to use them
  • How to write content
  • How to discover your niche and where to find product and services
  • Learning various type of internet marketing

Here is a grid that shows you their platform and what they provide:

I belong and have enjoyed the experience.  It is free to try and even with the free enrollment, you become a member for life!   If you have ever had an interest in internet marketing, you will enjoy Wealthy Affiliate as much as I do!

Become a wealthy affiliate by clicking the picture below:


Sign up today and experience the excitement that 100,000 people experience!



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