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And We’re Back! Maybe?

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In response to the thousands… er, hundreds… or, ok three emails I received wondering where the hell Cranky Fitness had gone, I thought I’d attempt a brief update. This is also a test post to see if hitting “publish” will accomplish anything other than exercising my right index finger.

While it’s true I haven’t been posting much lately, I have been intending to post quite frequently! That should count for something, right?  I even have several half-written posts in the works, and lots of thoughts about things having to do with exercise and nutrition and life in general.  So I was bummed to discover there was no longer anywhere to put these thoughts, and so they’d have to just keep boomeranging around in my head, where it’s already too crowded and chaotic.  Just having a theoretical outlet that I rarely actually use is weirdly important to me.But I have to confess it took me almost a week to discover the blog had disappeared off the face of the web!

Buh bye, Cranky Fitness?

And then it was another week or so to even face the prospect of figuring out how to get it back. It was something mysterious having to do with DNS server settings and “A host records” and it was too daunting to cope with in the midst of other lifestyle upheavals. (Our home remodel is running very, very behind schedule, and it’s not the sort of remodel you can cohabitate with. So we’ve been hopping around from one temporary accommodation to the next, thanks to the kindness of various generous friends, and living out of suitcases, and not always in a position to get internet or think about much of anything other than “WHEN THE F–CK ARE THE CONTRACTORS EVER GOING TO FINISH OUR HOUSE??).

But this morning I finally up the nerve to post a pathetic plea for assistance on the blogger help forum, and a nice guy named Chuck walked me through it.

So yeah, the blog is not dead! On the other hand, it’s not really alive either, in that I don’t have anything relevant to health and fitness to work up into a presentable post just yet.  But I miss you all and hope one day to get off my ass and get back to health and fitness blogging.

In the meantime, just wondering what you’re all up to? Anything broken, delayed, or frustrating in your lives or is it (I hope) all smooth sailing?Click Here For Original Source Of The Article

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