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A Review: Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice

After Napoleon Hill’s death, his foundation contacted Dennis Kimbro to complete an unfinished manuscript, Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice.  Kimbro took the book to the next level.

Within the book, Kimbro showcases the events of successful people who had to face many challenges to personify the message he writes about through history.   This book is valuable to anyone who wants to excel in life.

Many young people want to do well in their lives.  They may be the first in their family attend college, to study in a field different than their love ones – There can be many barriers lives that could discourage them people from finding their true destiny.

Where this book helps

Often when people are asking questions in frustration, those inquiries often interpreted as whining or complaining.  The questions, in fact, may be requesting honest information from others who don’t understand or worse do not have the ability to help.

Helping with needless, unanswered questions, is where Think and Grow Rich by Dennis Kimbro may help.  The book teaches how to overcome obstacles and form strategies that face many of us as we continue the journey through life to discover a purpose that will lead to success.

At the beginning of the book Kimbro sets the tone with two quotes:

  “Wealth is the progressive mastery of matter by mind.” -R. Buckminster Fuller


   “Poverty is a disease of the mind.” – S. B. Fuller

Look at life with a purpose

The choice to be rich is not limited to making financial enrichment; it extends itself to health, peace of mind, unity, and attitude.  The selection of our thoughts and living life with purpose is also a message given in the book.

According to Kimbro, your outlook on life, faith, recognizing your talent and commitment to success are the key components to prosperity.

Universal Laws explained

He also explains how mental laws and physical laws interact to encourage an inquisitive imagination that leads to mental well-being, self-confidence, and goal achievement.

The book also clarifies the following:

  • Law of Correspondence
  • Law of Substitution
  • Law of Belief
  • Law of attraction
  • Law of Compensation

What are you worth?

Kimbro then answers the question, “What Are You Worth?”

The quote that introduces the chapter is:

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent – Eleanor Roosevelt

In this chapter, Kimbro explains that the way others think of you reflects the way you think of yourself; in that way, through the way you feel about yourself, you give permission for others to treat you that same way.

On cause and effect:  Whatever we think about will materialize.  If you constantly think about poverty, illness, etc., guess what will emerge in your life?  You got it!  If you think about success, health, etc., you experience prosperity, and wellness at some point.  That is the law of cause and effect!

This book is for anyone…

Is this book limited to black Americans?  Certainly not!  Anyone who seeks success can learn the universal lessons taught by this book.  This book, however, gives the history of many successful black entrepreneurs who‘s life strategies were stronger than the barriers of poverty, racism, and politics.

-DI Hicks

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