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A Must See—”How to Win the War in Your Head”

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A Must See—”How to Win the War in Your Head”

Most of us have a war going on in our head as we fight the negative thoughts that seem to wander in when we least expect them—those thoughts that say you “can’t,” or that you aren’t good enough, or that no one likes/loves you. It marches to a song that’s out of tune as it barrages you with thoughts that defeat you before you get started. Psychologist and speaker Owen Fitzpatrick gives a rhyming Ted Talk that I consider a “must see” titled, “How to Win the War in Your Head.”

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about the power of the mind and how our thoughts control our actions whether those thoughts are positive or negative. If you have trouble with depression you will find this helpful and even refreshing. If you have a challenge keeping the negative thoughts from taking over, please watch this video on “How to Win the War in Your Head.” There is great wisdom here and some humor, too.

Ted Talks are almost always outstanding. This one is exceptional. Let me know what you think. If you prefer to go to the link it is https://youtu.be/rBwQZv3_OXE Or you can watch it below.

Let me know if it helps you win the war in your head.

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